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Congratulations to Mr Beswick from Derby, who was the lucky winner of The FREE Prize Draw.

WINNING THE DREAM the website that has been built to give you the chance to win the things you dream of. Imagine owning a house outright with no mortgage repayments. That Car, Motorcycle or Motorhome you have always wanted, with no Hire Purchase or bank loans to repay. Well WinningTheDream are giving you those opportunities. Don't delay, register today and start playing.

Vauxhall Corsa Sting 1.2

Odds of Winning 10,400 to 1

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3.2M inflatable with 2.3 HP

Odds of Winning 1,650 - 1

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Citroen DS3 DSign

Odds of Winning 12,850 - 1

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Kindle Paperwhite eReader

Odds of winning 110 - 1

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Winning The Dream Information

WINNING THE DREAMS Odds are clearly stated on each competition. The odds amount to roughly the value of the item in the competition, for example a £100,000 house would be 100,000 to 1, a £12,000 car would be 12,000 to 1.

The odds of winning approximately £100,000 on the Lottery are over 2 Million to 1, so you are 20 times more likely to win one of our competitions for the equivalent prize value. There's just one example why you should register today and start playing.

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